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About Us

We provide etiquette classes focusing on fine dining, children's etiquette, or business etiquette for individuals and groups. Public speaking for college and corporate in body language, etiquette, communication skills, and imaging

About Dannie Fowler

Dannie G. Fowler is a certified Etiquette and Image Consultant and owner of The Etiquette School of Florida. Dannie is a combination of true Southern Bell with a bit of New York street smarts. She specializes in teaching fine dining etiquette, children's etiquette, and business etiquette. She created original Character and Etiquette Programs for Pre-S through 5th grades, After School Programs and Camps offered through training programs for Certified Teachers. Her school offers workshops targeted for the College Student, MBA students, Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Agents, and Executive Training Courses. As well as social dining, Fine Dining, and Business Dining.

Our Mission

To make the world a better place to live through lessons in kindness, consideration, knowledge, and love. Giving individuals the tools they need to feel confident and healthy self-esteem. To show others how to be gracious and courteous. To be better. To be our best selves possible.





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