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Fairy Tale Etiquette (Ages 3-6)

Look for our video version coming soon!

4 Lessons

Table Manners and Social Etiquette
(Boys and Girls, Pre-School, Pre-K, and Kindergarten)
 Fairy Tale Etiquette Classes are unique and fun classes to start your little one on the right path to “royal” manners! The children learn table manners and polite social skills that give them a fantastic foundation on which to build their self-esteem. The classes are themed with princesses, princes, toads, castles, dwarves, a sleeping dragon, fairy tale stories, and more!  Girls can come dressed in princess costumes of their choice or chose to wear one of ours.  Boys can come in knight or superhero costumes.   Each week the students learn a new lesson that will earn them the title of princess and knight. For graduation, the little ladies receive tiaras and the little gentlemen are knighted with swords and helmets!
The Four Classes Include:

  • Table Manners Each Class…Greetings and Introductions…Shaking Hands

  • Pulling Out a Chair for a Lady…Napkin Use…Holding Utensils Correctly…Cutting Food

  • Fork and Spoon Use…Polite Table Conversation…How to set the Table

  • Afternoon healthy snack…And More!

After School Teas for Little Ladies

These can be held at your school or arranged for a group. A minimum of 10 is required.

4 Lessons

Little ladies learn how to sit, act, walk and talk like a lady. They will learn tea etiquette, polite conversation, how to be a gracious hostess and courteous guest. We will focus on learning to sit quietly at the table and use polite table etiquette. Each class includes a beautiful table of cookies, cakes, fruit, sandwiches, cheeses, scones, and teas. We’ll have a party each week after school on Tuesdays!

Each class is themed:

  • Fairy Tale Tea Wear your princess dress and tiara!

  • Fairy Tea Fairy costumes or anything whimsical and fairy-ish!

  • Under the Sea Mermaid costumes or anything blue and sparkly!

  • Fancy Tea Dress in your fanciest clothes and Bring Mommy along to the party!

Fine Dining and Social Etiquette Grades 1st - 5th and Grades 6th-8th

The most thorough class for young children.  Classes do not exceed 10 students

5 Lessons

(Classes are held at several different upscale restaurants in the surrounding area including Ruths Chris, The Boheme, Park Plaza Gardens, and Blue.)

A truly special class where your children will learn Table Manners and Social Etiquette. Five fun upscale classes of Fine Dining, in a beautiful setting with delicious food at each class.  Classes are 1 hour and 45 minutes long.

Lessons include:

  • Introductions, Greetings, Self Confidence, Posture, Shaking Hands, Eye Contact, Thank You Cards, Telephone and Electronic Etiquette, Zig-Zag and Continental Dining, Respecting your Parents, more.

  • Fifth class is a semi-formal evening class with a five-course meal.  Children arrive dressed in tie and jacket or dress at the restaurant for dinner.  The children have a unique opportunity to practice their new skills surrounded by guests in the restaurant.


An amazing experience for both parent and child!  

8 Lessons

Even if your child has all the confidence in the world, knowing what to say and how to behave in any given situation can give them a huge advantage.


While our classes focus on the rules of Etiquette and the proper way to behave, we go above and beyond dance cards and white gloves!  Our focus is on real-life Social Etiquette to give your child confidence and the tools to build their self-esteem before heading off to high school or college.


Lessons Include: 

Session 1 | Classes 1-4 (Includes  the Holiday Dinner)
Dining Lessons and Social Etiquette.  Each class covers a fine dining lesson and sit down course with china. 


Session 2 | Classes 5-8 (Includes Dinner and Ball)

Social Dance and Social Etiquette.  Students receive a handbook with all of the lessons and more!




  • Social Skills, How to Make Friends Quickly,

  • The Right kind of "Popular"

  • Thank You Cards, Gift Giving/Receiving, Receiving Gifts Graciously, Host and Hostess Skills, RSVPs,

  • Introductions, Greetings  

  • Respect for Adults and Community, Charity, Gratitude

  • Electronic Etiquette, Headphones, Computer, Ipad

  • Cell Phones, Texting, Facebook, Instagram, Social Media, Game Station Etiquette

  • Buffet and Party Manners

  • Communication Skills, Positive Self Confidence

  • Power Words, Eye Contact, First Impressions

  • Body Language, Good Grades

  • Helping our Parents and Siblings

  • Comprehensive Fine Dining Lessons for a Five Course Meal

  • How to Handle Awkward Foods and Utensils

  • Image/ Wardrobe/Makeup Instruction Classes, Tieing a Tie, Appropriate Dress, Self Respect

  • How to be a Lady/Gentleman, Boy/Girl Respectfulness

  • Basic Dance Lessons: The Fox Trot, The Cha Cha, and More

College Social Preparation and Life Skills (Grades 9th - 12th) 

If your child is uncomfortable in large settings, or would do better in a private lesson, private coaching may be what works best.  

In the first meeting, we observe, learn about your child, decide what is working, and what isn't.  We take into account what they are trying to achieve and what would help to give them confidence and build their self esteem. 

If you are like most parents, you want to help your child socially, but they don't seem to listen to you.  That's where we can help.  You may have said something to them a thousand times, then they hear the same thing from a stranger, and it's like they heard it for the first time!

We work with you and let you know their progress and find out what to reinforce at home.

1-3 days

1 Day Social Etiquette and Fine Dining Class:

1/2 Day Class

  • Making a great first Impression

  • Shaking Hands Correctly, powerful Introductions

  • Posture

  • Eye Contact

  • Confidence tips

  • Interviewing prep

  • Thank You Card Formula

  • Basic Dining Know How

  • Fine Dining both American and Continental Styles

Student Fee:  $297

Includes the cost of the three-course meal


3-Day Social Etiquette, Rushing Information, Fine Dining, and College Preparatory Skills.

Lessons Include:

Class One:  Everyday basic etiquette

  • Making a great first impression

  • Shaking Hands Correctly, powerful Introductions

  • Eye Contact

  • How to have powerful confident body language.

  • Image, Grooming, Style

  • Making Small Talk, how to carry a great conversation

  • PDA and Reputations

  • Going Through Rush:  Sorority and Fraternity expectations

  • Getting and Staying organized for optimal productivity



Class Two


  • Cell Phone Use

  • Do’s and Don’tsMediasSocial

  • Public Places and Etiquette

  • Sports Etiquette

  • Part-time jobs

  • Leadership Qualities

  • Positive Power

  • Being Responsible



Class Three

  • Basic Dining Skills

  • Fine Dining Skills

  • American and Continental Styles of Dining

  • Tipping

  • Host and Hostess Savvy

  • Dating Protocol

  • When to stand up, open doors, Chivalry

  • Lady-like behavior and traits that earn respect and admiration

  • Thank You Cards

Student Fee;  $597

Included 3 course meal on day three

Twirly Girly Camp (Ages 4 - 10)

5 Days



Day 1: Princess Day!

Dress in your favorite Princess dress (or anything you'd like)

Today is all about confidence and kindness.  We'll learn about making friends and how to be powerful!

Today’s lesson: Acting Like a Lady (knees together, no feet in the chair, inside voices, shaking hands, introductions)

A Chocolate Fountain and more!


Day 2:  Magic Fairy Day!

We’ll look for fairies, and make pixie dust, and fairy hair!

Come dressed in your favorite fairy costume or anything sparkly!

Today’s Lesson: Magic Words, Good Manners work like Magic Spells,

Learning to spread Pixie Dust (love), Basic 

Cupcake or Cookie decorating

Day 3: Slumber Party!

Bring your favorite stuffed animal, a pillow, and a blanket! Wear your favorite pajamas! Total Girl time with stories, a movie, popcorn, and nail polish!  Bring your favorite game if you'd like.

Today’s Lesson: Hostess and Guest Courtesies and How to Be a Great Friend, how to open a gift graciously.  We'll make sugar scrubs and jewelry.  

Day 4: Alice in Wonderland

A Madhatter Tea! Dress as silly and outrageous as you please!

Little Cakes and Lawn Games with The Queen!  Lunch is provided today with a huge spread for the tea party

Today’s Lesson: Tea and Table Etiquette, learning a basic place setting, and writing thank you cards.


Day 5: Paris Fashion Show

Walk down the runway in your favorite attire while the crowd cheers you on!

Dress Fancy (boas, sunglasses, shoes) We will end with a fashion show on our red carpet to finish off the week with a photo shoot followed by a party to celebrate!

Today’s Lesson: Review. Being a Star means making others feel wonderful when they are around us! (Showing Love, Concern, and Respect for Others)

Pirate Camp (Ages 4 - 10)

We are currently not offering this camp for summer 2023

5 Days  | 9am - 2pm

Time to be Silly!  Pirate Games, Crafts, Stories, table lessons, Good Pirate code, and kindness, and more!   For Boys and Girls! 

Students should come dressed as a Pirate, Mermaid, or Wench as little or as much as they want.  We will be making hats, eye patches, and treasure maps, messages in bottles, decorating cupcakes, and more!

Day 1:  Aaarrrggggg!
We'll learn the Pirates Code of Honor (good manners lessons hidden throughout!)
Practice Introducing ourselves and others, Shaking Hands, Making Friends


Day 2:  Shiver Me Timbers
Today we will be writing our own play about pirates!
Bad Pirate Etiquette to avoid!


Day 3:  Davey Jones Locker
We'll make our own maps, and then find a map from a story that will send them on a treasure hunt!  Writing Skills (Thank You Cards)


Day 4:  Poop Deck! (I know....but the giggles will be awesome!)
Lunch will be served today to practice our table manners.
(Chicken Nuggets, Mac and Cheese, and Fruit)
Setting the Table, Guest and Host Skills


Day 5:  Walk the Plank  
ime to put on our play!
Silly, Silly, Silly Day!!


Safari Etiquette Camp (Ages 4 - 10)

We are not currently offering this camp for summer 2023

5 Days  | 9am - 2pm

This camp is great for those children who need to move! We go outside during each day and go on our nature walk about the lake feeding the ducks and turtles, all the while learning about kindness, caring, and what it means to be a considerate person. We take a very British Safari approach to each day. Conversation, Culture, Art, and afternoon tea, minus any “stuffiness”!


Each day we will be learning to tame the beast. The children will each receive a safari hat and map to finding great treasure on our last day. An outdoor Safari Tea will be served with a light snack each afternoon.


Our final day we will go on a Safari Hunt; taking pictures of what we find and discovering and capturing wild animals (toy animals hidden in the “brush”. Etiquette lessons are hidden in the fun!

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