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The MBA/College Etiquette Program

3 Hour Program

Business Etiquette and Fine Dining Program includes Book and Self-Evaluation Workbook

  • Fine Dining Lesson over a Four Course Meal

  • How to Conduct Business or an Interview over a Meal

  • First Impressions: Wardrobe and Body Language. Learning the Companies Culture

  • Image: Creating Your Brand or Signature

  • Basic Business Etiquette: Proper Hand Shake, Formal and Informal Introductions, Common Courtesies

  • Electronic Etiquette: Phone, Email, Video Conferencing, Social Networks, Texting, You tube

  • Basic Body Language: Reading People, Giving the Right Signals

  • Communication Skills: Connecting and Listening Skills

  • Networking: How to be comfortable and likable, what to say and not to say, Cocktail Parties

  • Social Skills: Things to say and do and the biggest faux pas

  • Interview Secrets: Winning Them

  • Thank You Cards: Easy Formula

Sorority and Fraternity Programs

Customizable Lessons & Times

Programs can be tailored to fit your time and lessons desired.




  • Fine Dining Lesson over a 3-course meal

  • Social Etiquette, Shaking Hands, Introductions, Small Talk

  • Dating and Communication Skills, Self Respect

  • How to be a Lady/Gentleman

  • Image/Branding, Wardrobe



PACKAGE 2  includes everything in Package 1 plus

  • Basic Business Etiquette

  • Networking with Ease

  • Owning a Room

  • How to be a People Magnet

  • Making Connections before Graduating

  • Mentoring and being a Mentor for success.

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